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Firefighter Truck Simulation


It’s time to save lives in the most amazing combination of firefighter truck games and firefighter training games. We believe that one of the most challenging firefighter games will definitely win your soul at first sight. Get in your speedy fire truck and reach the emergency spots with your truck driving simulator 3d in the modern truck driving games. The time has come for our fearless firefighter to show extreme city truck driving skills to avoid accidents and save innocent city people in one of the exciting blend of firefighter truck games and truck driving games. We bring a whole new challenge series for firefighters in firefighter training games to extinguish the spreading fire in firefighter games. Some city buildings in this truck driving simulator 3d game are blazing in fire and we have to perform our duty and fight the fire. Be the town hero to show courage and bravery in FIREFIGHTER TRUCK SIMULATION 2016!We bring towards you five different firefighter rescue missions. In the 1st level, we will drive a firefighter truck and the firefighters have to rescue an office building on fire by throwing water. In the 2nd level, the firefighters have to rescue a burned house by extinguishing the fire. In the 3rd level, there’s been a fire incident in one of the shops in the market, the firefighters have to go there and control the situation. In the 4th level, there’s been a road accident and two cars are on fire, the firefighters have to reach at the scene and extinguish the fire from the cars. And finally in the 5th level, we have to operate the firefighter truck and take it towards the city hospital because it’s on fire and we have to take the fire out to save the hospital. In all these levels, a specific time limit will be provided to fulfill the missions.We believe this newest truck driving simulator 3d is going to be a complete treat for firefighter truck games lover. Use modern firefighting equipment and your siren to aware everyone about the fire disaster. It’s your chance to become the ultimate firefighter savior for injured city people in firefighter training games and truck driving games. Put on your helmet, and get ready for an adventure to extinguish the danger in FIREFIGHTER TRUCK SIMULATION 2016, the latest firefighter games on play store!